Just Once Would the Moon Howl at Me

Starting out the blog with a new animal sonnet everyday for a week. Rules and perimeters aren’t always a chokehold around creativity; they can provide inspiration in the wake of writer’s block. Whenever I feel stifled by my own writing or irritated with some overwrought prose I’ve penned, I pick a topic and a form, and then see where my mind goes.

Just Once Would the Moon Howl at Me

Your perfect shape, so sleek and so curvaceous,
your perfect color, silken white and fair,
the darkness that unfolds on you’s audacious,
I want to see what’s hiding under there.

And yet the space between us never gives way,
I’m cursed to bay and howl from below.
Please answer me and end this dreadful foreplay!
Tell me, why is it you ignore me so?

Is it because you’ve heard my reputation?
Those little pigs, that little girl in red:
they tell their stories with great deviation
from the truth. Trust me: you have been misled.

When you’re above me I cannot think straight.
No, I don’t care how long I have to wait.


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